Rotting Christ to Play Two Gigs in Poland!


Knock Out Productions along with Left Hand Sounds proudly introduce Rotting Christ, who will be playing two concerts in Poland!

These Greek metal legends will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the band’s formation this year. The band will arrive in Poland during their European summer tour, and we can expect songs from the latest, very well-received release, Rituals, as well as some songs from the older albums as well. 

For a black metal ritual, we highly encourage you to book your tickets for either June 10th to Firlej Club in Wrocław or one day later on June 11th at U Bazyla Club in Poznań.

ROTTING CHRIST (Greece); black metal:
Rotting Christ must perform in Poland, and Polish fans need gigs from the Greek legends. A mere handful of months after their last visit to the land of the Poles, the Greeks are returning once more to perform two shows.

Celebrating their 30th anniversary, the band has had hordes of fans since the very beginning. Band leader Sakis Tolis has often mentioned that in the tapetrading era, Polish fans were the first to whom he’d send tapes with Rotting Christ demos. Today, many of their releases, including Thy Mighty Contract, Non Serviam, Triarchy of the Lost Lovers, or Sanctus Diavolos and Aealo (album of the month in Terrorizer magazine) are considered to be classics. What’s more, during the making of their 2010 release, Rotting Christ managed to contact the almighty Diamanda Galás, who gave them the green light to cover her score, “Orders from the Dead.”

For those who are just discovering Rotting Christ, here’s a beginners guide: the band started out playing black metal, tried Gothic metal for a while, and then went down the dark metal route, just to come back to black metal with even greater ferocity. But this time they’ve added very plastic, almost illustrative elements, and plenty of bits and flavours originating from traditional Greek music. Their latest release was, as we’ve mentioned, “Rituals” from 2016, with guest appearances by (among others) Nick Holmes from Paradise Lost and Vorph from Samael.

BLOODTHIRST (Poznań, Poland); black/thrash metal:
Originating in Poznań in 1999, Bloodthirst kicks their listeners relentlessly with unique combination of the rage and darkness of black metal and thrash metal. They themselves describe their music as “hateful antichristian thrash.” Like any other bringer of evil, guitarist/vocalist Rambo needs company (the more, the merrier) and he found companions in Rybosh (known also from In Twilight’s Embrace), Gregor, and Urpin. Bloodthirst have made a couple of demos and three albums, the last being Chalice of Contempt from 2014. Their latest addition to their discography is an EP released in 2016, Glorious Sinners.

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SHODAN (Wrocław, Poland); technical death metal:
Shodan is a tri-entity that emerged in 2013 in Wrocław and is proof that Polish bands can actually play interesting technical death metal. The band was created by former members of Extinct Gods, Michał Jarosz and Szczepan Inglot. Bassist Michał Rybak filled the missing spot in the line-up, but has since been replaced by Tomasz Sadlak. Shodan have played already couple of gigs, including Into the Abyss Festival, recorded the EP Zero K, and the very well received longplay, Protocol of Dying in 2016.

Check them out at the below links:

Saturday, 10/11.6.2017

Wrocław @ Firlej, ul. Grabiszyńska 56
Poznań @ U Bazyla, ul. Norwida 18a

70 zł – presale, 80 zł – at doors

Buy a ticket:

Text provided by promoter (KnockOut Productions)