PLAYLIST OF MY LIFE – Robert Leksis (Volymian), 2016


Volymian, in case the name is new to you, formed in 2008, with the goal of performing “groovy, heavy rock music”  that would inspire good times, both at home and on stage! Its current incarnation released an album in the spring of 2016 via Maple Metal Records, and they also have three self-published EPs under their belt. This week’s playlist comes courtesy of their keyboardist, Robert Leksis!


1. The first song you remember hearing as a child
Probably some lullaby my mom used to sing to me but if we are talking about hit songs: Hanson – “MMMBop.” My sister was a huge Hanson fan and she always played these from a tape. Spice Girls – “Spice Up Your Life.” She also loved the Spice Girls (so did I)

2. The first song you can recall ever really and truly loving
I used to love these two songs when I was a kid: Fastball – “The Way” and Eiffel 65 – “Blue.” Nowadays it’s definitely Sonata Arctica – “White Pearl Black Oceans”

3. A song that you loved as a teenager/reminds you of high school
Bullet For My Valentine – “Tears Don’t Fall”
In Flames – “Only for the Weak”
Linkin Park – “What I’ve Done”

4. The song or band that got you into metal music (or the current genre you play in)
Gee… There are so many songs from Sonata Arctica, Stratovarius, and COB that I could put here, but the best memories I get from these two: Children of Bodom – “Triple Corpse Hammerblow,” Stratovarius – “Eagleheart”

5. The most recent song to get stuck in your head
Bring Me the Horizon – “Happy Song”

6. Your guilty pleasure song/band
Gloria Gaynor – “I Will Survive”

7. The first album you bought with your own money/the first album you were really excited to own
The first album I was really excited to own was Darude – Sandstorm. I got it as a Christmas present! I bought Children of Bodom – Hatebreeder because of the song “Downfall.” I used to listen to it repeatedly.

8. A song that makes you want to curl up on the couch with a hot beverage
Stratovarius – “Elysium”

9. A song to blast at full volume while you’re on the road
Avenged Sevenfold – “Bat Country”

10. The song you’d most like to be played at your funeral
Avenged Sevenfold – “Fiction”
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – “Lacrimosa”


Check out their debut album on Spotify!

Or have a look at the music video for “Line of Fire” over here: