Jolly Roger Festival to kick off in Vienna!


Blue Moon Entertainment proudly introduce a new festival in Vienna, which will kick off for the first time on 02.08.2017. Alongside Amon Amarth, the festival will host Trivium, BelphegorThe Hirsch Effekt, Epsilon, Underside, and Cannonball Ride!

Line up

Swedish heavy metal vikings Amon Amarth announced their comeback in 2017 for a European tour for their newest album, Jomsviking. “We are having so much fun on our current tour that we were determined to come back!” We can safely say that a fantastic metal show – full of beer drinking, no less – is guaranteed. “Get all warmed up, prepare to fight, plunder, and raising your horns! RAISE YOUR HORNS!”

The primordial force of US thrash metal heroes Trivium is legendary. Their intense gigs are reckoned as some of the best out there. With their latest release, Silence in the Snow, Trivium have reinvented themselves anew. Frontman Matt Heafy has clearly shown once again that borders of genres are nonexistent for the aces in the field. Their latest tour brought Heafy and his comrades, Corey Beaulieu (vocals, guitar), Paolo Gregoletto (bass), and new drummer Paul Wandtke around the globe twice. Despite the tight schedule, the band found some time to compose new material for their upcoming album. With a pinch of luck, Trivium might just serve us some new songs at Jolly Roger Festival!

For Belphegor, masters of diabolical death/black metal in Austria, “tits, death, and devil” are to the band like, “amen at the end of a prayer” and proved their position with the masterpiece Conjuring the Dead. This was an opus, on which the band was possessed and more brutish than ever. Those ten compositions will release a hitherto unknown degree of brutality to mankind. The sound collages melodic monstrosity, powerful and violent sounds, with razorsharp precision execution. In your face, destructive axe attacks, machine gun -powerful drums, and vo-kills so sick that they put everything that has hitherto been present in the shade!

The Hirsch Effekt are back live with their new album, Eskapist. The trio from Hannover set new boundaries and used their new material to create an even more colorful palette of musical genres. The core of their music is still metal; however, the band immerses themselves in other subgenres like progressive-, tech-, black- and even sludge metal. Also, their orchestral and electronic side can be found in their compositions as new renditions. That creates a recipe for an energetic live show of new material and an anthology of previous creative efforts.

Exactly on the band’s 10-year anniversary, Epsilon went through a personal break: guitarist Schmidi (Defiled Utopia) and drummer Urge (Bastard Peels) breathed some new ideas into the quintet. After various live performances (among others) with Obituary, Benediction, with the highlight being Wacken Open Air 2012, eleven new songs were crafted, mostly by both guitarists and the drummer.

Underside formed in 2010, following the country’s civil war that lasted almost a decade and almost broke Nepal. They managed to play outside Kathmandu and carry their music across the country and after that, scored a tour in India, Europe, and Australia. In 2011, they started the Silence festival in Kathmandu, and it has now become the biggest metal festival in India and Nepal, attracting 4000 metalheads a year and bands like Behemoth, Sikth, The Algorithm, and Vader. After the earthquake in 2015, where more than 8000 people were killed and the city was in shambles, the festival had to be put to a rest. The band then launched the charity campaign “Metal for Nepal” – 18 shows in 4 countries helped to raise £12,000. As well, the show also managed to raise enough money to rebuild a school. As tough as nails, these guys are a blast! So you gotta see them on the 2nd of August at Jolly Roger Festival in Vienna.

Cannonball Ride, a modern metal bulldozer from domestic Ungenach near Vöcklabruck kept waltzing for more than 8 years on both Austrian and neighboring countries’ stages. After 2 EPs from (subsequently) 2009 (Breaking Walls and Building Bridges) and 2011 (Enchant the Flame and Let it Breathe) they got to release a full-length album in 2014 (Emerge&See). The latter was able to provide single-chart entry for the 5-person demolition squad. Cannonball Ride is still well-known in the brutal metal art field, always as melodic as ever and always keeping eye on the atmospheric elements. Get ready for your very own ride on a cannonball!

You can get the tickets on,, and at most well-known pre-sales locations from 44,80€.

August 2nd, 2017
Arena Wien, Open Air
Baumgasse 80, 1030
Doors open: 14:00

Text provided by promoter (Blue Moon Entertainment)