Introducing Our Official YouTube Channel!


It’s time to finally announce our official YouTube channel!

Musicalypse has been a bit behind the times in recent years, not having had a proper YouTube account for video content. As we hadn’t done many video interviews in the past, we thought we’d scrap the old account with our old email address and start anew.

However, as we always try to push the limits of creativity, we don’t want our channel to just be the same old interviews; you can get those from other magazines. What you can expect to see here is unique interview series’ that differ from the norm. The first of these, you may have seen already: BandFit. BandFit was designed by our editor-in-chief, who was coaching CrossFit for a while. The first band we brought in was none other than local industrial metal favorites, Fear of Domination! You may have seen the video before, but here it is again in case you missed it. This series and others will hopefully continue soon, so be sure to subscribe to find all kinds of weird and interesting videos!

Come check us out!