Musicalypse.net was founded in 2007 under the name “Music-Photocalypse” by Jana Blomqvist and Cornelia Wickel, a couple of photographers and general music nuts who met on DeviantArt and decided to team up to make a website to share their work with the world. Cornelia came up with the original name and together they built up the archive of over 15,000 photos that has become Musicalypse. However, around 2010, life got in the way and updates slowed to a near cease. As a result, in 2012 Musicalypse was bequeathed unto Amy W., an enthusiastic journalist who had the drive to rebuild the site instead of letting all of their hard work fade to memory. She’s slowly been opening the site’s doors to photographers and journalists in Finland and beyond to help bring Musicalypse back to life.

The seed that Jana and Cornelia planted, and that Amy continues to cultivate, is to capture the special moments with their work – the energy, emotions, and feelings of a live gig – making it possible to experience live performances time and time again. As photographers and journalists, we chase that special moment in order to share the magical parts with you.

Concert-goers, it’s time to put down your cell phones! Musicalypse is capturing the moment so you don’t have to!

The Team
PowerPuffAmyAmy W.: Editor in Chief/Owner
Owner, organizer, editor, content manager, concert & festival reviews, album reviews, interviews, occasional photography, Instagram
“I moved from Canada to Finland in 2009, and I’ve become a student of English, Culture, and Education in that time. When I’m not holed up writing fantasy novels, gaming, or admiring my cats, my favorite pastime has always been watching live music. I was writing reviews for my own amusement before Musicalypse was passed down to me, and I love to find . What started as a hobby turned into a passion, and what better passion than music?”

PowerPuffLeneLene L.: Senior Photographer, Journalist
Research & development, photography, concert & festival reviews
“A coffee addict, semi-professional procrastinator, perfectionist, and business student by day, “that tiny woman in the photo pit,” pizza lover, and background research aficionado by night. Other than that, I’m a person who talks and does a lot (and thinks she could always do more). With Musicalypse, I have a place to let my endless curiosity towards everything creative run free with my passion for making things click, powered by media, communications, and project management studies, and caffeine-induced superpowers. In my free time I sub for Captain Obvious and tell lame jokes. (Run, Curiosity, run!)”

PowerPuffVilleWille Karttunen: Senior Journalist, Finnish Editor
Album reviews, concert reviews, Finnish translations, Finnish editor, Facebook & Twitter
“I study English Language & Literature at the University of Tampere. Music has been a big part of my life ever since I started taking piano lessons at the age of 7 – nowadays I also play guitar and bass. Before hopping aboard the Musicalypse ship I had a music blog for a few months. Writing about music may be like dancing about architecture, but I like challenges!”

PowerPuff EssiEssi Nummi: Journalist
Concert & festival reviews, social media consultant
“I graduated from the University of Turku majoring in media studies and am now wearing my best adult disguise. My passions include music and writing, and being able to combine these two through Musicalypse is, well, pretty awesome. Even though my best fangirl years might be over, I still get ridiculously excited over live music – a feature you might be able to notice in my reviews”

PowerPuff MariaMaria Sawicka: Senior Photographer (abroad)
Photography, live reviews, foreign correspondent
“Polish photog, at one point dwelling in the UK. I graduated from the University of Lower Silesia as a Journalism minor. I’ve always loved music but I lacked the talent to play, so I became a music photographer, ’cause this is as close to the stage as I will ever be. I try my hardest to choose the best snapshots for everyone to see. I’m also an occasional writer, cartoonist, and 24/7 geek. I’m powered by the dark entity called coffee and I also plot to take over the world every Thursday.”


Phantom: ???
An unpredictable entity that lives in Amy’s apartment. It would never describe itself as a writer or music aficionado, but it has provided useful and insightful thoughts on music from time to time. Since we are not plagiarists, we wanted to give it some credit.


More Staff
Jana Blomqvist­: Co-Founder, Senior Photographer
Cornelia Wickel: Co-Founder, Guest Photographer (Sweden/Germany-based)
Marco Manzi: Senior Photographer
Janne Puronen: Senior Photographer
Atte Valtonen: Journalist
Vincent Parkkonen: Journalist
Kalle Uotila: Journalist
Laureline Tilkin: Photographer
Eliza Rask: Photographer (hiatus)
Charlotta Rajala: Junior Photographer
Miia Collander: Junior Photographer
Feng Deng: Junior Photographer
Mika Ringman: Guest Photographer, band consultant
Maija Lahtinen: Guest Photographer
Sami Hinkkanen: Guest Photographer
Oskari Mäkisarka: Guest Photographer
Björn Bumblebee: “Historian” and occasional commentator

Want to join our staff?
Do you want to be a part of the Musicalypse team? We’re currently looking for photographers and journalists to join us, within Finland as well as in other countries and even other languages! Send us your portfolio (including sample photos and/or reviews) and we’ll consider adding your name to the list! Fluent written English is a requirement for journalists and basic communicative English is a requirement for photographers. Send us a sample report or your photo portfolio at musicalypsehq(at)gmail.com. Photographers are required to have professional equipment.

Contact Information
For general inquiries or bands who want to share their demos, email us at musicphotocalypse(at)gmail.com.

If you’d like to partner with Musicalypse for a special feature, behind-the-scenes photoshoot, studio diary, or anything else, email us at musicalypsehq(at)gmail.com.

Please be patient with us, it might take a while to respond.